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Monday, December 26, 2011

Almost A New Year..

Welcome To My New Blog!!

It's Almost The New Year, 

Time To Make Your New Year Resolution!

Simple Ideas To Make Your New Years Better

Looking for some good New Years resolution plans? Here's a few small ideas..
Clean Out Your Make-Up Bag, Throw Out Any Make-Up You Don't Use..
(And stop carrying around a ton of make-up in your purse)

Avoid Break-Outs And Infections By Cleaning Your Make-Up Brushes Weekly.
(To Clean Your Brushes, Simply Dampen Them With Warm Water,
Then Massage With Baby Shampoo. Lay On Bathroom Counter
With The Brush Over The Sink To Be Sure It Will Dry
Into The Original Shape.)

Try A New Skin Care Regimen.
(If you already have a skin care regimen, great! Try making it even better
by adding an SPF moisturizer to your regimen. If you don't already
have one, now is a great time to start! Talk to

your dermatologist to determine the
best skin care regimen
for you!)

Have any ideas of your own? I'd love to hear them! Happy Holidays =)


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